About Me

I'm a geeky computer software engineer who tends to dabble in everything around me. I run Zombie Labs, a computer consulting firm where I solve complex challenges working with clients. I'm married to Cassandra Hutchins.

I'm a computer software engineer and a certified security expert. When I build things, I am passionate about security, user privacy, and information assurance. I bring this knowledge and experience to every project I work on.

I'm a talented full-stack engineer and have spent many years leading projects, growing teams of engineers, and building successful startups. I love to work on projects where I get to put a bit of everything I know to use while also learning new things.

I love science fiction, fantasy, and super heroes. In any media format. I read a lot of books and watch a lot of movies. I make an effort to attend several geeky conferences a year, including PAX, GenCon and someday I'll make it to Comic-Con. I enjoy PC gaming, so I own a lot of titles and have accumulated a lot of hours on Steam. When I'm not in front of a screen or book I'm outside, usually with my dog, Inigo Montoya.

May your towel stay dry,

— Benjamin